Resolve Collections - Debtor Tracing Services

Ten out of Ten Award for Debt Collection

We help all types of businesses, private & public organisations, landlords & property management companies across the UK with some of the lowest tracing fees.

Remember all charges are on a success basis - no trace, no fee.

Submit your account for trace simply by clicking on the tab above and complete the straightforward on line form - it takes just a few minutes.

There are no fees for failure to trace and in particular we do not charge for any investigation time expended. Please give us a quick ring or use the contact form if you have any questions.

Trusted by organisations, traders and companies from all areas of commerce and business our tracing agency services are extremely effective with performance that is second to none. Contact us and use one of the premier and cost effective business tracing agencies in the industry.

We offer all creditors from sole traders to small and medium enterprises as well as large corporations a complete debt absconder tracing service.

Whether you have a single overdue account or multiple accounts to trace we will give you one to one attention. We have over 20 years experience in the debt recovery industry covering all aspects of Commercial Debt Recovery, Consumer Debt Recovery and Tracing missing debtors for unpaid invoices or overdue credit of any kind - our debt recovery and tracing agency clients trust us with their reputation.

Debtor Tracing Services - locate your debtors fast for only £35.99 - no trace, no fee. Guaranteed.

One of the fastest Tracing Agencies in the UK

The effective Tracing Agency

Locating Your Debtors or Missing Persons...... We can trace absconded debtors or tenants for a low fixed cost. You will receive a full Trace Report within 7-10 business days. No find - no fee.

Land Ownership Search...... For a fixed fee of £10.00 we can confirm the owners of registered land with 24 hours and detail of the purchase price and any known mortgage detail.

Find People Using our Electoral Roll Search..... Results usually within one hour for a low cost fixed fee of £4.99. Find a person quickly or just confirm residence. Just supply us with the name of the person and the area you believe them to live in. We will supply all available matches and any available telephone numbers.

Director Search - Find information about a Company or a Company Director.....find out who the directors of a limited company are, their home addresses, the current company status and if the company accounts are up to date. All for a low fixed fee of £4.99 and normally supplied within 24 hours.

Tenant Trace - Find Tenants who have left owing you money..... We will find your ex-tenants new address and any telephone numbers available for a fixed fee. No find - no fee.

On-line Tracing & Investigation Services

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